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Day Spa & Salon

When we first went to visit Pilo Arts Day Spa & Salon, we were transported into the kind of tranquil world that you might not at first suspect Bay Ridge of housing. Located on Third Avenue in the 80's... alongside some of Brooklyn's finer restaurants, Pilo, established in 1979, caters to women who enjoy being pampered and looking their best.



We mail out postcards for Pilo about four times a year. We work closely with Jude LaBarca, who sends us his ideas for the mailers via email, which we work on and refine via PDF files sent back and forth until we have something worthy of the Pilo look.

The cards are printed on a nice glossy cardstock and sent out to his customers. It is a great way for Pilo to keep in touch with their clients as well as well as an effective way of marketing gift certificates to the salon.

We mail them using Pilo's standard rate permit, and since they are sent at the pre-sorted, automated rate in bar coded trays, most of the cards are delivered within a week of mailing, sometimes even the next day. The standard rate postage for these oversized 6" by 10" cards is the same as for envelopes, averaging around 20 cents per piece. Jude tells me that his business in gift certificates has risen markedly since he began advertising them within a regular marketing program which includes direct mail. Ihave also prepared flyers for him which he has had inserted into the Staten Island Advance newspaper, and he also advertises in the Marketeer and I believe occasionally in the Bay Ridge Paper.




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