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If you’re in the market for someone to get out a mailing, then you are in the business of marketing. It's quite possible that you are an accomplished professional at direct mail marketing and that you know exactly what you need to do and have a proven track record of success and you have plenty of assistance to make sure all your deadlines are met.

But if perhaps not exactly all the above is true…

Then feel free to give me a call, talk about your goals for a particular project, and we’ll help commiserate and try to figure out the best strategy taking into consideration your goals, time and budget. I’ve been in the marketing business ever since I started out trying to sell advertising for an alternative weekly newspaper that used to write nasty articles about some of the businesses in town. My job was not to do the articles, but to sell ads, and while we didn't sell very many, I learned loads about what to do and what not to do in order to accomplish what it is you want to accomplish.

Ideas are free and plentiful, and there’s no charge for mine until and unless we actually do something together. I am very happy to make suggestions and give you the benefit of my experience, as well as listen to you and your ideas, all in the hopes that we might make a good fit and hopefully establish a good, long term relationship, whether it's one project a year or 50.

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